“The Rite of the Womb shows us that as we heal our womb spaces, we also heal our lineages and the manifestation of ancestral trauma”. I am Mother Fana and I am a womb keeper and also a Munay-ki Shaman and Teacher. As women, our place of power is in our wombs. Yes, we have beautiful brains and amazing hearts, but the center from which we create is our wombs. The opening between our legs is a gateway to life both physically and spiritually. Every human being on this earth emerged from a womb and needed a vagina as their pathway to existence. There is a lineage of women who freed themselves from suffering. This lineage of women wants us to remember. The feminine spirit of the jungle wants us to remember :

“The womb is not a place to store fear, shame, anger, guilt and pain, it is a place of creation. From the vastness of my sacred womb, all is created and today I am healed and forgiven »

Once you receive the rite of the womb, you share it with as many women as possible. Contact me HERE to book a 13th Rite of Womb Private Blessing Session.

Artwork by: Lilia Ramirez

The Womb is one of the greatest powers in the Universe—it is an incredible gift and honor to hold this power within our body. We need to reclaim our womb sovereignty—as this cosmic stargate within us holds the power to birth, create, and shape multidimensional realities. As we stand at the dawn of a new cycle, we must initiate this cosmic birthing power within us.”

~ A. Bertrand and S. Bertrand, “Womb Awakening: Initiatory Wisdom from the Creatrix of all Life”

Artwork by: Andrew Trimmer

“Walking I am listening 
to a deeper way.
Suddenly all my Ancestors
are behind me.
Be still they say. 
Watch and Listen.
You are the result of the 
Love of Thousands.”

~ Linda Hogan