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However your soul lead you here, I WELCOME you here and I am giving you a huge, warm virtual hug. It is an honour to have your gorgeous presence. My name is N’dèye Fana Gueye and my clients call me the magic Woman because my superpower is to see the magic and beauty in people, to clear their remaining blockages, and to activate them to be the best version of themselves. And the best version of themselves is only the version of themselves who is madly in love with who they are. All of it. I live for inclusion, connection and truth. I am a Mindset & Self-Love coach, a spiritual Teacher — and Creator of Inner Dialogue®– a life-changing modality, aiming at shifting powerfully people’s mindset through radical loving acceptance across the globe. I serve people of all ages and all walks of life. I LOVE PEOPLE. Truly. What else? 

If you ask me to define myself in a few words, it would have to be …


I am the proud mama of Eve and my first name N’dèye means Mother. Fana is a Sufi name which means united to God through the death of the ego… So somehow my life mission: teaching radical loving acceptance through healing your ego (aka inner bully) is encoded in my name. How cool is that?

Some clients call me Mother Fana …and I embrace it all now because it’s part of who I am.  I just call myself a citizen of the world. Does it really matter that I am French of Senegalese descent, born in Germany? Does it matter that I speak 5 languages and that I am based in Paris after more than 10 years in Asia and Australia? Does it matter ? Not anymore. But it used to matter, when I did not love myself enough to deny people the right to label me and decide who I could be. So, for years I searched to feel at home in myself and in the world, pretending to be happy and wearing masks. I used to be the busy burn-out corporate lady boss working for leading companies of The Fortune Global 500. Yes, I was successful. I had money and was managing a team of  25 people but I was not happy…I got fired and my entire world collapsed and I thought I was left with nothing. But it was a blessing in disguise, even  though I could not see it then. I left Paris and moved to Asia and that decision changed my life forever. My big spiritual awakening happened in Singapore. It happened suddenly just before I got pregnant and it was as fast as intense. I started learning mystical and spiritual arts and gradually let go of my corporate girl suit. I feel like a walking miracle because all it took was truly a shift in perception, a shift in mindset. I am a neuroscience nerd and a spirit junkie. I learned, practiced, and/or became certified in so many healing modalities (Usui Reiki, Angelic Reiki, Theta-Healing, Munay-ki Shamanism, Akashic Records, Sound Healing, Hypnosis, Sacred Geometry and PNL…). And, it was not enough. I kept learning and yet, I could witness that people did not heal for good…that I did not heal for good. It just had to be more simple and I knew a part was missing. People did not heal because ego, our shadow-self was not integrated into our healing. People just wanted to feel light and joy but spiritual and emotional bypassing does not equate to healing. The prerequisite to true healing is loving acceptance of all that we are. The pre-requisite to deep core healing is owning who you are. Being you and doing you. The universal CURE is Unapologetic SELF-LOVE. 

I am a fierce ambassador for Self-love and Radical Acceptance. So, I decided to create myself that piece that was missing and to focus my work on teaching people to heal their toxic self-talk.  

I dove deep into mindfulness, neuroscience, cognitive behaviour. I learned a lot from my clients (they taught me everything …) and I finally came up with a unique cutting-edge and simple suite of tools called Inner Dialogue®. Inner Dialogue® provides soft skills that help prevent burnout, breakdowns, self-sabotage, depression, and other disabling emotional and mental states by powerfully shifting your mindset through LOVE. Inner Dialogue® allows you to connect with all the hidden, shameful, unheard, and unacceptable parts of yourself and to welcome them back home. It is important to understand that it won’t take years of therapy nor be complicated. Most blockages can be cleared in one or two sessions only, simply because EVERY HUMAN BEING HAS THE ABILITY TO UNLOCK THEIR OWN GREATNESS once they understand how the mind works.

The Rules of the Mind are simple unlike what many more traditional therapists or psychologists would like us to believe. You’ve been programmed. You can reprogram yourself. You have power. A full reset is not only possible but easy. You can make familiar what once was not. You are not doomed because we are hardwired for LOVE and we just need to remember it…

Oh, I am also a writer and an artist. I cast spells of love, radical acceptance, grit, and power through MY CREATIONS. Whatever it is really, ..my  signature course ” Healing Your Self-Talk“, my blogging, my workshops, my speeches & my transformational retreats, my writings, my poetry,  my quotes, my paintings or my coaching. I am also the author of the forthcoming books, ” Healing Your Self-Talk ” and of  ”Amazing Eve”, a children’s book series called Rainbow Eve teaching self-love and social & emotional literacy. Yup, I love children and I believe that children and Young people are our future. That’s a lot of things to be into, but I reclaim the right to NOT choose and to just follow my heart calling and to just be and do ME. 

You will be amazed how powerful you become when you start to love yourself …

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