Thank you so much for your interest in working with me and your interest in investing in yourself.

I believe that everyone has a superpower, a singularity. Truth is you can not pour from an empty cup and you cannot find a purpose and be of service if you haven’t discovered your “singularity”. That is the core of my work, helping you understand who you truly are, and helping you to take back your power through venturing into your own shdaow and coming back no longer being afraid.

I Am a Shadow Work and Inner Child Healing Evangelist. I am a Master Teacher and I teach healers and spiritual teachers to how to heal and actualize and harness their soul’s unique path and gifts. I am here to get you ready. I coach and mentor coaches, healers, boss ladies and men who want to be the change they want in the world.

My purpose is to empower women and children to be the best version of themselves and thrive.  I work with women in their twenties, women in their forties, young, old.  I work with men. I work with young women in their teens. I work with families. I work with people from all paths.  You just have to be committed to healing yourself. So if you feel guided to me, I welcome you and I see you. I appeared in your life because you found me, because you called me and because you are ready to transform and shed the old you. The Master appears when the student is ready

But let’s get this straight, I am not here to fix you. I am no guru. To me, healers, coaches, mentors, teachers are people you go to for healing but they don’t heal you. They trigger something within you and that something is YOUR OWN ability to heal. 

We will work on You. The work is specific to you. The content of the package is specific to you and created with your higher power and your guides. You will be transformed and you will heal yourself, and I will hold the space for you. And inevitably this work will pour out into the world around you.

I will help you raise your frequency to a level you could not even imagine because you are not time away from your desires and purpose, but frequency away from them. You rise only if you can rise above your fears. Where you have not faced your own demons, they will appear as the person in front of you or the situation in front of you. 

 I teach people to face their fears and outgrow them through Self-love and Loving Acceptance.I work with people at taming their inner bully, at looking at the roots of ugly limiting beliefs like ” I ‘m a fraud“, “I am not worthy” and “I am not enough”.

I work with people on their relationships with money, abundance, and success. I did deep to the roots and the time in childhood where those limiting beliefs where constructed and shaped. When did you learn that love was conditional? When did you start believing that you were not good enough? 

In my signature mentoring Package – STEP INTO YOUR PURPOSE – I also work with people on purpose, training, business structure, soulmate clients, what to charge, finding the “why, how and what” of their business/brand. We build, brand identity, websites. Invoicing tools. Time management and Boundaries…

There will be no turning back. You will not be the same anymore. It ain’t going to be always easy and I will not always give you the sweet talk. You will get the truth but always with love. And there will be Grace in that too as you acknowledge that you are not a mistake and that you are IMPORTANT. You are the one you have been waiting for …and I would be so humbled and honored to be your guide in this journey and to help you unlock your Unique Soul Potential and to empower you enough to start living from love and not from fear.


– to break free – to live from love and not from fear
– to align with their inner truth 
– to face their shadow to acquire greater wisdom 
– to fulfil their life purpose 
– to do what it takes to make their dreams come true

::: AND WHO ARE :::

  • Ready to Change
  • Committed to doing the work
  • Willing to listen to feedback and act on it
  • Ready to invest money, time, and energy on yourself 

I go all in with my clients, and this means working with fewer people who are willing to commit energy, time and money to themselves. I am looking for Soulmate Clients who fill up my cup as I am filling up theirs! Payment plans are available and packages are tailor-made to your needs.

Are you ready to say Yes to yourself?

*A free 30-minute- Discovery Call will be arranged once you have filled up the form to see if we are a good match and how I can support you.

Whenever I had an upcoming appointment with Fana, I would tell my boyfriend that I had an appointment with ‘The Magic Woman’ because that is exactly what she is — MAGIC!  She helped guide me through old limiting beliefs that were blocking me from living my own life, in the most gentle, kind and caring way.  Fana helped me gain clarity and uncover my soul’s secret desires that had been buried for so long while I was caught up in trying to follow everyone else’s expectations for me, except my own.  Through her work, she gave me tons of courage and she helped me manifest one of my greatest dreams in life!  I am so excited to see where this new path will take me.  Fana is amazing if you are looking to do the inner work to really allow your dreams to come true 🙂 

Karen H.⎮ USA

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