Gosh, where do I begin. I had been searching for a way to clear some old blocks and from the moment I connected with Fana, I knew things were about to get real. She has been a true teacher & guide every step of the way. I was so afraid of jumping in due to the unknown but when I finally did, she was welcoming me with open arms. She answers every question that I have and continues to guide with love & honesty.  The Car Lite Therapy™️ & this ” Healing Your Self Talk” Course cracked me wide open, brought me face to face with the ego and opened up a space where I can exists in my true essence without the shadow blocking me from my purpose. This course changed the way I view my life, myself & the world around me. I completely broke through fear and founnd my higher self & inner child. Ego is no longer in the driver seat!Thank you Mother Fana for being my teacher. It truly has changed my life and I am forever grateful. 


SJ ⎮Holistic Therapist, Life Coach & Speaker- www.Samanthajo.life ⎮USA

I did an Innerchild Healing Session with Fana and this session helped me dive deep into the subconscious beliefs I still carry around my stories as a child.  Our session was a huge impact to bring awareness to, process these beliefs and reprogram them them into new positive and empowering perspectives. Fana is a deeply tuned in and a compassionate guide to embark on these important journeys together.  She holds the safe space so powerfully and is fully in tune with the energy that needs to be processed.  She helps to create strong personal confidence and the desire to face any fears with a trusted and capable copilot like Fana in the session.  She’s taken me deeper than I have ever gone before in all the work I have done before.

Ezra Mitchell ⎮ Emotional Health, communication & relationships coach⎮Malaysia

This is not like me and I’m going to be honest with you… but I barely read… basically skimmed through the description of your DailyOM Course ” Healing Your Self-talk”. Because that is how much I believe in your work. It was life-changing.
Christine Zaroura ⎮ Wellness Coach & Personal Trainer⎮USA

“As soon as I started the session with Fana, I immediately felt confident. Her caring presence and gentleness make her a powerful ally in our journey to contact our inner child. As far as I’m concerned, one single session, but a very deep one, brought light and understanding to some of my current blockages. Fana also made me aware of our capacity, as humans, to take the lead in front of the ego, and then when there is resistance from the mind, to refer us to the benevolent Master within us, our true inner guide. What a relief it was for me when Fana supported me with rigor and gentleness, showing me how this is possible! Thank you so much! I wish everyone the privilege of growing up with this woman who obviously has the magnificent gift of capturing what resonates within us while integrating the messages transmitted by the guides and angels who are part of our personal “team”

Karine Barbier ⎮Canada

I highly recommend taking the course ” Healing Your Self-Talk”. This course helped me to quite my inner critic and connect to my power. I have gained a strong belief in myself and my capabilities after taking this course. Now I feel that I can take on anything!

Kassidy Mickelle ⎮ Mindset and Identity coach for new mother⎮ www.kassidymickelle.com


“I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with wonderful Fana. Her gift is truly priceless and being able to tap into that is something I hope you will experience in your lifetime.
It’s like she can see into your soul, you can’t hide, she will call you out on your bullshit any day so that you can get past the old blocks and move forward in your life. I’m so much more in tune now and I’m able to see the signs and get the messages and take action upon them faster which only brings more alignment and peace. After every session with Fana, I felt so centered and calm and had a clear path of aligned action ahead of me. I love you Fana. If you are thinking of working with her, I can give you a million reasons to say YES, yes to yourself.
Joanna Lundstrom⎮Health & Wellness Coach⎮USA


Fana is a wonderfully compassionate teacher. She helps uncover blockages and things that are holding you back from what you truly want in life so that you can grow and heal into your best and most authentic self. Everything she shares has been so helpful to me. I loved your course “Fire your Inner bully”. It was so so helpful. It helped me become more aware of so many things and helped me release a lot of negativity, criticism, and limiting beliefs. I actually didn’t know it was possible to achieve so much through an online course and I am so happy I was able to take this class. I feel like I have much more clarity and a lot of opportunities have been showing up recently that I probably would have been too fearful to take but now I am much more interested and entertaining new ideas. There is definitely still some fear but I am learning to quiet the fears and shine brighter! I am so glad the universe led me to her somehow! She is magical and inspiring! Thank you Mother Fana! 

First of all, Fana is an amazing teacher and a compassionate and incredibly sage woman. No student is left alone, no question is left unanswered.
This course and especially the Carlite Therapy is awesome and can be a life changing eye-opener. But it is not for the faint at heart. You have to go all in and be ready and willing to face your inner bully. When you do, so many blockages that constrict you, depress you and prevent you from leading the life you really want clear away for good.
I am very grateful for everything this course has taught me.
Thank you ever so much, Mother Fana!!! 
Nina E. ⎮Germany

“Beautiful Heart yields Beautiful Mind. Fana is one of the best healers and life coach I have ever come across. If you are genuine about working on yourself for your higher good, she is the healer for you. She helped me through my divorce and I was caught in surprise when she went beyond the scope of a healer to offer me valuable advice on my career and helped me get a new position after years of inactivity. I do not want to say healing yourself is all rosy, because during the process of healing, you will have to first dig out all the shit and sometimes you don’t even know they are there…But isn’t it great instead of sweeping it under the carpet? How long more do we want to hide? Are you willing to do the inner work? Are you committed enough to honor yourself and start the journey to healing? Healing to the core…Yes, it is to the core. NOW is the Time… I am ready and loving myself so much more than before.” 

Magenta Sim ⎮Sales Manager⎮ Singapore

“Fana is such a gift I highly recommend her! The work she is doing is amazing, and much needed! I appreciate her loving energy, and the powerful shifts she helped facilitate. Our first session was so transformative, and I literally felt energy shifts in my body during, and after. Inner child healing is so powerful, and Fana’s approach is so unique. I’m really looking forward to our next session!  
Stephanie Bellinger ⎮Coach ⎮Spiritual Boss Babes Founder ⎮USA

Thank you so much for giving me a wonderful session today. It was a mysterious experience. I really enjoyed it. I found something very important for my life. I’ve got power from this session.”
Seita Nakahara, Chef, and Owner of Restaurant Terra⎮Singapore

Before this course, I was depriving myself of pleasure, fun, and adequate rest and self care. I would go through cycles and patterns in and out throughout the years where I would do well and then sabatoge and place myself in situations where I neglected myself and ignored my needs. I wasn’t aware on a deeper level the archetypes playing out in me really. This course helped me clearly see my patterns more and the stories that were having me repeat my past. This course helped me do the deeper soul work to merge and become one with my BEing as well as commit to my highest good. Committing to this course symbolized committing for my highest good. It also meant that I was ready to fire my inner critic because that was what I set my intention for in this course. This course helped me free myself more to be myself. Now I feel grateful that I am moving forward more, slowing down to just be here and I look forward to loving myself in more ways than I could have ever imagined. The investment in this course is worth it. I highly encourage you to invest in you.
Jilliana Antoniewicz ⎮ LMFT⎮USA

”I was very impressed by Fana’s professional approach and the ability to connect with me right from the start. The whole atmosphere was very relaxing and she appeared to be a very attentive and intuitive listener. It felt as if she literally was able to enter my head and be inside my mind, feeling me and sensing my thoughts, hopes, fears and aspirations. She is definitely one of the best guides I ever had and I highly recommend her to anyone who would like to take a journey of experiencing herself/himself on a totally new level. The insights that I received during the session were very precious and helped me to navigate a difficult personal situation. Thank you very much!”

Elena, trader⎮ Singapore

Fana is an exceptionally gifted healer, teacher, and messenger of the Divine. She has incarnated on this planet to teach, heal and lead mankind through the fire that heralds the dawn of the Age of Aquarius. Her powerful, loving energy cradles the truth of the Universe; and there is no question in my mind she is destined to become one of the most important and influential spiritual leaders in the history of mankind. She is a leader, a living symbol of God’s eternal, boundless love, an avatar. There is nothing she cannot and will not do. It is a privilege to know her.”


Gregory Paul Martin⎮ Writer/producer, Actor of stage, film and television, Astrologer⎮ Paris

” You change lives. You’re beautiful. You touch people’s souls in the secret places that no one else can reach. My life changed after meeting you. I turned my heart toward forgiveness and acceptance. I was never able to reach peace until I met you. You really changed my life. It felt like so much weight had lifted. I will never forget that moment. You make a difference and that matters. Mother Fana, you have helped me to live from love and not from fear”

Leah Rowbotham, Clinician and Therapist⎮ New Zealand


‘Fana   is such a gift to this earth and her gift is helping others find and live their truest and most empowered selves. She serves with utmost heart, integrity and love, so you always feel like her interests are aligned with yours. It’s a blessing to work with her, you’ll be touched and re-connect with an inner strength, courage or resource you never knew you had, and she does this very effortlessly and gracefully. Her guidance comes from a bright, loving space that leaves you energized and renewed. Lastly, she’s equally grounded as she is connected, a rare blend.
Shian Chuan, Leadership and Career Coach, Master NLP Practitioner , Author ⎮www.shianchuan.com ⎮USA


After observing an afternoon empowerment session that Fana led with a group of 100 young female footballers in Senegal, I could quickly see that she does incredible work. Fana’s passion, enthusiasm and creativity are contagious and she commands the attention of a room with both ease and grace. I was amazed at how effortlessly her positivity and inspiration seemed to seep into the minds and hearts of her audience. Fana is genuinely doing a job that gives both her and those around her a great sense of bliss and motivation.”

Amanda Fortier, Communications Manager, Journalist ⎮Dakar

“Whilst on my journey of healing my daughter, I was so happy to come across Fana. We had a few beautiful sessions with my daughter and then a profound session where she was able to tell me about my soul contract with my daughter and every time I work on this factor, more healing comes forth. I would highly recommend you see her for her amazing insight and I can’t wait to read her new children’s book. With Love”

Melanie Richards ~ Founder of Healing Our Kids⎮www.facebook.com/healingourkids⎮Australia

“Fana is a beautiful soul dedicated to helping others awaken their consciousness. Whatever healing modalities that one might study or consult through her is done so with 100% devotion and heart from Fana. She strongly believes in empowering others to find their own truth. I have been privileged to attend her shaman class and received her help in many ways and I just wanna say a BIG THANK YOU to Fana and the Universe. She is simply AWESOME!”

Nicole Tang, Angelic Reiki Practitioner, Stylist⎮Singapore

I would love to thank Fana for the amazing session I went through with her. I loved it so much I can’t describe it in words properly and I continue to reap its benefits. In my life, I have tried various techniques like life coaching, Osho meditations or reiki healing sessions and many other and they were right for me at that point in time. I loved the fact that it was relatively short but very intense and spot on and I managed to clear out multiple emotional blockages and thus some long-term pains I have been experiencing all over my body. This one session changed it so much. I am sure to continue on this path and explore it further in one way or another. Namaste.
Dasha B. Marketing Manager and Reiki Master Practitioner⎮Australia

“The story you wrote and read for us during the Girl Empowerment workshop touched me so deeply. I felt it was my story. Before becoming a coach, I was the mummy bullying my own daughter because she wanted to play soccer. I was afraid she would become a man and hurt herself. I was afraid she would never find a husband. How many prejudices I had and how wrong I was about soccer…So I just wanted you to meet my daughter and she plays now in a regional team in Dakar. Thank you for writing this story and sharing this story because it belongs to all of us.”
Rokhaya, Community Coach

“I had one of the most amazing and memorable experience of my life! This was truly having ten years of therapy in one session! I felt liberated, comforted and was helped to let go of my limiting beliefs and old patterns. (…) Her gift to communicate the Universe wisdom in such a gentle and uplifting way, and her incredible ability to “read” is a true blessing. This healing session has not only provided me valuable insights but also enabled me to move forward and embark on a new journey (…)”

Anouchka G. – Lawyer, Yoga Teacher, Author ⎮Singapore

“Fana is purely magical. I went for a healing session with her. It was EYE opening. It was pure and made me feel really empowered and really learn it is ok not to like someone but to still love them unconditionally from a soul level and that was that just freeing!! I can’t thank Leantara enough, the aftermath of the session is just as beautiful, and all I do is return back to what she taught me and I can SEE and all that remains is really just to love and love some more.”
Shamsiah Samsudin, Mum, Reiki Practitioner, Wellness Consultant, Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Ambassador⎮Singapore

Fana is Amazing; her channelled messages are perfect, and just always on point. This 40 day experience was an amazing one, and the guidance I received from her messages were perfect and still are for where I am in my journey. they are very practical and they WORK!  Her guidance about my son was awesome too, she really helped me improve my parenting. I took her advice, and even though I haven’t been consistent I have to tell you that I have seen a noticeable improvement in his behaviour and a beautiful warming up of our relationship- I didn’t even realize that it had become cold! Mother Fana one person I would never hesitate to work with, because she is simply amazing. Love you Mother Fana

Ashley Davis⎮Healer and Coach⎮Jamaica

“I had a wonderful reading for my family. I had tears in my eyes reading what she said. I really can’t thank her enough, I have also received lots of ideas of how to help my children as well as an audio clip. N’deye is obviously very talented at what she does and does wonderful work with children and mothers and I highly recommend working with her. I must say I feel connected to everything she posts on her social media platforms and I feel she is probably one of the most intuitive and connected people I have ever ‘met’. I feel so blessed to be in contact with her.”

Imogen Dalton⎮ UK

Fana’s Awaken Your Inner Shaman Level 1 was an outstanding and fully empowering experience. The energy of the sacred space anchored by Mother Fana was SOUL-LIFTING as we harmonised and journeyed as a cohesive group – an amazing feat for 22 full participants! I was so energetic, joyful and felt straight at HOME. Not only did we receive personal messages, our shaman names, our shaman seals – we also met our dragons, we reclaimed our past life abilities… (need I even say more!!) It was a power-packed workshop with the effects of which I am still unfolding. I can only say that I used the new knowledge to perform my work the next day, I was so much more centred and clear on my connection to spirit. Most powerful was the confirmation of our own inner guidance and calling that brought us all together. I was brought to tears as we journeyed, as I saw clearly that we had gathered here before, that we worked together in the light for all of the universe. Mother Fana is a true leader among us, the deepest and truest of alignment, with the amazing gift of empowerment and an infectious joy. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who feels the call, the depth brought in one day was unparalleled.


Yin Ling ⎮ Vocal Awakening Coach, Shaman & sound Alchemist⎮ Singapore

I attended Awaken Your Inner Shaman with Fana. The workshop had attracted a diverse and wonderful group of high vibration souls and we shared the most incredible, soulful day. She channeled the great ones throughout the day and provided each of us with beautiful guidance on various areas of our growth. We carried out rituals, learned of our Shamanic essence and connected with our inner wisdom. We were led to the golden chamber of the Akashic Records and Fana held the space for us while we retrieved our healing abilities from past lives. Awaken Your Inner Shaman was the most powerful workshop I’ve ever attended, among decades of innerwork and investigation. Fana is a shining light for whom I am deeply grateful. We are blessed to have her lead us back to the greatness within each of us.
T. B ⎮Psychologist ⎮Australia

Fana’s course ” Healing Your Self-talk” is a work of spiritual art. The music, imagery, meditations, analogies, and visualizations allow for such an individualized experience. I was able to tap into my inner child and reconstitute/reorder my selves. I’m very grateful for the experience. The 1:1 session with Mother Fana was amazing, healing, and loving.

Jaimie P.⎮USA


“Working with Fana has helped me calm that nagging voice inside of my head and enabled me to be more at ease and at peace with myself. To ‘just be’ and ‘smell the roses’ sort of speak, I know it is a cliché but it is such a gift. I leaned that it is when you are at ease that miracles happen in your life, and I am now open to letting magic flow into mine.
Larissa P. ⎮USA

Fana’s Fire Healing Your Self-talk course has been one of the most transformative things I have done for myself. Learning about the different archetypes of inner critics was eye opening and really helped me understand myself better. The most helpful aspect of the course for me were the Car Lite meditations which allowed me to connect and heal parts of myself that I’d forgotten. After the course I physically have felt lighter and there is a wonderful shift that has occurred in my everyday presence. My self-love is stronger now. Thank you Fana.

Becky B.⎮USA

“Fana is an AMAZING Facilitator and Advisor!!! She truly wants to help you become the best version of yourself. Through her inspirational conversations and ‘AHA’ moments, Fana guides and supports you through moments of confusion, pain, anger, clarity, happiness, wondering, questioning, love, and last but not least, laughter… all so that YOU not only can find out who you are but all that you are capable of becoming or being!! Her caring heart and mind is truly an inspiration, her kind and thoughtful words make you think & reflect in a safe & loving environment, and the joy she brings out of you — THERE IS NOBODY LIKE HER!! So grateful she continues to be a part of my never ending journey of self discovery and love! 
Yonca O. ⎮USA

I had an inner child rebirthing session with Fana. It was a beautiful feeling. I feel full again and no doubt at my next session with be fully topped up with my beautiful inner children who I love and N’deye made me realise that as we love our own children unconditionally we must never forget that first we must love ourselves unconditionally. The effects already are I am being more efficient with my time today. NOT scrolling through social media wishing I was someone else. Also my duty to my inner children and to myself is to enjoy having self esteem and knowing I have the right to be me. Me who is fit and happy and exuberant and tidy and organised and hopefully my weight will start to shift too, Cause guess what! I have a right to have the body I desire so I can achieve my dreams of being a health coach and personal trainer and life transformation coach and I will be making my first referral to Fana because it all starts from the inside and only then can we expand our own gifts to the world. 
Claire L. ⎮Midwife ⎮UK

Fana is a world class spiritual teacher and guide, and by some distance, the best healer I have come across in the past 20 years (in that period, I have probably seen 12-15 healers/holistic therapists etc; I’m delighted to say that my one session with Fana was better than the rest of the others combined – and some of them have big international reputations. Fana’s private sessions are literally life-changing – she helps you resolve present and past life issues at the deepest core level, so you don’t have to be reborn again to undergo them! During Fana’s workshops, because she “opens you up”, your healing continues way after the workshop.  Instead of “spoon-feeding” you, she draws out abilities you never knew existed, and helps you achieve results you never thought were possible.  During her recent Akasha Soul Healing workshop, she helped me see how an issue I had been resisting for a long time was actually something my guides and higher self wanted me to embrace, and how it was part of my soul journey. That insight and realisation gave me tremendous peace and motivated me to work towards embracing that issue with love, rather than avoiding it due to fear. Thank you, Fana, for touching our lives and making the world a much brighter, happier place.  
Vishnu ⎮Bank &Portfolio Trader ⎮ Singapore

” Fana is definitely one of the most intuitive, empowering and loving teachers I’ve met. She goes straight to the point and to the core of the issues, and she has helped me overcome some of my core limiting beliefs that I was not even aware of. The physical symptoms that I’ve experienced for years have finally subsided and I am really grateful to her. Fana brings forth one of the most important message, that “we are all masters, it is just that some of us don’t fully remember it yet..” and that is so true and so empowering!’

Y.C., Admin Executive ⎮Singapore

”Fana brought me into areas of awareness that I did not have or want to acknowledge before. Now I was able see traumatic past events in a new light that allowed for blocked healing to occur. I was able to understand my part and forgive and get the much needed healing for moving on. She also taught me how to communicate with the pain body. I used that technique on my daughter who had been experiencing intense undiagnosed pain for 3 years. I had been everywhere for this pain seeking Western, Eastern treatments. But now with this new tool she taught me, the pain instantly disappeared, just like that! I thank Leantara for this healing as I have been so stressed and worried about for my daughter as she had it for too long. This is absolutely amazing! ”


S.SKL, Executive ⎮Singapore

”Dear Fana, today’s session has turned out to be more than what I’ve expected and in many good ways… I have gained new perspectives, new understanding and new hope .. I feel like a child again, with many marvellous and exciting things to discover and look forward to. I’ll hold these close to me, and look forward to journeying with you through classes when they are available. Really appreciate what you have done for me today and thank God for you! Love and best regards ”

J. T. – Banker⎮Singapore

I am extremely grateful to Fana for facilitating this healing session for me. It had allowed me to make peace with the past and also reminded me of all the joy and happiness that we are entitled to. It has also allowed me to release several deep-rooted tensions in my body. Once again, thank you!
Boon Q, executive ⎮Singapore


It has been a month after my session with you. By far this has been the most powerful healing I have undergone with regard to my marriage. things has been better and I am feeling so much better too.   I would like to check whether it will be possible to have another session specifically targeting my business and career block? do you conduct that as well?. Thank you my dear.”
Karine C., banker ⎮Singapore

After the session with Fana, I felt so much lighter, in every sense of the word.It really felt like a big baggage has been lifted and left behind. I felt renewed, recharged, re-energised and ready to face the world with a completely fresh perspective. With deep gratitude to Fana and the friend who made the introduction. Gracias.”
Wei, HR professional ⎮Singapore

”I have tried various healing modalities in the past five years. Last Sunday, I underwent a Session with Fana. This was by far the most intense and immense clearing therapy I have had ever received. I felt uplifted immediately afterwards and left the session feeling much lighter as if tons of  negative emotions have been purged from my soul. Even the sore throat I had at the beginning of the session was gone. Am moved beyond words to describe how much I appreciate this session and would personally recommend to anyone in emotional distress or those persons interested to up level themselves forward on their spiritual path to meet Fana. It’s just so difficult to find such an empowering, genuine and amazing guide, healer and teacher like Fana in Singapore! ”

Jane Tan, finance executive ⎮Singapore

Fana ‘ s workshop has allowed me to reconnect to my long forgotten spiritual self. Through her wonderful energy, I have obtained personal realisations which I’d never have imagined to have. The simple workshop has proven to be so effective and powerful for the me who is on a journey to discover my greater self. It’s definitely a priceless experience.Thank you.
Juline ⎮Singapore

It took me some few days to write this testimonial of the session with Fana as this was one of a kind which really shook me to the core during the session and also after. Everything was just laid on the table to let me see the truth. Truth is the word I always affirm as this world lacks in that. There are so much of lies covering the truth. Fana took me beautifully in the process to unveil that perception of mine which I thought was perfect. So much of dirt was discovered. My EGO was shattered and it was an eye-opener for me. Not everything we see, hear and receive messages from others is the truth. We do not really know what is others’ true intentions. But in this one session, a lot of realisation of people whom I trust was brought to the light. It taught me a real good lesson to stop asking others for validation, Instead of allowing the EGO to overwrite us, we must allow it to be quiet and be connected to our higher -self/ truth within/ the Primordial we came from. I got to know who I really am, my true purpose on earth. Thank you Fana for the Soul Spa experience I received on the 28/09/2015.


Adi Sakhti, associate executive ⎮Singapore

I started my healing journey about 10 years ago, starting with Feng Shui, Reiki, past live regression, etc. I have met many wonderful healers on my journey and Mother Fana is one is them.  I took Awakening the Inner ShamanLevel 1 with her last year and follow up with a private session for a Akashic Healing.  When I saw the Level 2 for Awakening the Inner shaman was available, I quickly signed up and attended the workshop.  I needed a breakthrough for my healing journey and knew that Mother Fana was the one who is able to help me and I have no regrets, the private session and workshops gave me the tools I needed for my healing journey and Mother Fana is always there for me, ever ready to provide assistance and help. Mother Fana is a beautiful being who goes beyond her way to help me with my issues. The learning and awakening didn’t just stop at the workshop but continue. I am inspire to be like her and grateful for her help.  
Thank you! 
Louise – a kind being ⎮Singapore

I had the most amazing session by Fana recently & I went home a different person. Unlike many other healing sessions I have experienced in the last few years, this session made me open up and for the first time, I actually spelled out my inner most thoughts that were always bothering me. I realized that there was just so much impressed within me that affected many facets of my daily & routine life. Fana posed so many inner most questions that made me realize that I have just ignored my health, work ethics, relationships & even forgotten to love myself & my body. This has very much affected me in many ways in many aspects of my life including health and controlling my thoughts and emotions. Leantara shared with me very apt ways to change my lifestyle, thoughts and even see life in a different perspective. Using her competent style and techniques, she even managed to help me manage numerous pain and discomfort in my body. Fana’s patience, style and competency is impeccable. I truly appreciate her sincerity in keeping a divine relationship with me… even when I was not keeping well. I am truly blessed to have connected with Fana .Thank you”


A.S., trainer ⎮Singapore

Fana is truly sent by the universe as a gift to Earth and me. I first went to her for healing on a relationship which has bothered me for years. I went to many healers before her, did my own healing etc but could not get to the core of the issue. One session with her simply opened the mystery and I was no longer blaming myself for the problem. I gained back my strength and learnt so much more about self love and how we could love others unconditionally at the same time as well. Living our life on purpose is what many of us would like to do. I question myself deeply on this. Once again, Fana appeared in my life to assist me. I was caught in surprise when she went beyond the scope of a healer to transform into a career coach and offer me valuable advice on my resume and cover letter. I was instantly transformed from a place of fear to a place of love. Many pieces of puzzles that I have in my mind started to form a complete picture under her guidance. I finally understand what is it that has been missing in my life and how essential it is for me to serve my purpose by serving others again with my skills and talents. A heartfelt thank you to Fana. Be it issues with relationship, family or career, there are solutions to what we face with the help of Fana. Simply open yourself to listen, accept and heal from within to make positive changes to your life.
MS, Business owner


“Fana is an exceptionally gifted mentor who can offer crystal clear and amazingly accurate answers to difficult questions. In addition, she is so full of love and joy, and it was simply a great pleasure to have this session with her!”


Robert Lee, scientist & engineer

”I Feel blessed and in awe with the presence of  beautiful energies. I was moved by Fana who spoke to me volumes of truth and offered me guidance.”


Anita Puva, teacher

“My experience with Fana had been nothing but eye opening with delight and joy. She is warm, open, patient, friendly and sincere to help. I wish her all the very best in life.”


Ashley , marketing executive

” Fana, you have helped me to live from love and not from fear”

Yvonne Y, Dentist