I help aspiring coaches, lightworkers, soul-led entrepreneurs, educators, and change-makers from all over the globe





You’re here to share your unique gifts with humanity,  your SuperPower. You are just a frequency away from breaking free from the bondage of fear but you need to change your narrative. It won’t take years of therapy nor be complicated. You’ve been programmed. We will reset your programming. I do this through a success-proven model called the W.A.Y.   and a modality called Inner Dialogue®. The W.A.Y. stands for Who Are You? It is the most important question to answer. When you do, it opens up an entire world of new possibilities, you figure out where you stand, where you want to go, and how to get there. Are you ready to DARE YOUR WAY ?

I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Wonderful Fana. Her gift is truly priceless and being able to tap into that is something I hope you will experience in your lifetime. It’s like she can see into your soul, you can’t hide, she will call you out on your bullshit any day so that you can get past the old blocks and move forward in your life.
I’m so much more in tune now and I’m able to see the signs and get the messages and take action upon them faster which only brings more alignment and peace.  If you are thinking of working with her, I can give you a million reasons to say YES, yes to yourself.
Joanna Lundstrom

Health & Wellness Coach, USA

Fana is a wonderfully compassionate teacher. I call her the magic woman because that is exactly what she is – MAGIC! She helped guide me through old limiting beliefs that were blocking me from living my own life, in the most gentle, kind, and caring way. She helped me gain clarity and uncover my soul’s secret desires that had been buried for so long while I was caught up in trying to follow everyone else’s expectations for me, except my own. She gave me tons of courage and she helped me manifest one of my greatest dreams in life! Fana is amazing if you are looking to do the inner work to really allow your dreams to come true! 

Karen Hao


N’dèye Fana is an exceptionally gifted healer, teacher, and messenger of the Divine. She has incarnated on this planet to teach, heal, and lead mankind through the fire that heralds the dawn of the Age of Aquarius. Her powerful, loving energy cradles the truth of the Universe; and there is no question in my mind she is destined to become one of the most important and influential spiritual leaders in the history of mankind. She is a leader, a living symbol of God’s eternal, boundless love, an avatar. There is nothing she cannot and will not do. It is a privilege to know her.”

Gregory Paul Martin

Producer, Actor of Stage, Astrologer, USA

Fana, you change lives. You’re beautiful.

You touch people’s souls in the secret places that no one else can reach.
My life literally changed after meeting you. I turned my heart toward forgiveness and acceptance. I was never able to reach peace until I met you.
You really changed my life. It felt like so much weight had lifted. I will never forget that moment. You make a difference and that matters.
Fana, you have helped me to live from love and not from fear”
Leah Rowbotham

Clinician and Therapist, New Zealand