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Healing Your Self-Talk Course is life-changing…period! I am so thankful to have come across it. I have always been so hard on myself and allowed those mean voices in my head to lead my life and define my self-worth. Now understanding “Ego” and knowing that ‘I MYSELF” have the ability to change this self-talk is so empowering! Fana also leads inner child healing through this course; which was so incredibly powerful and beneficial. The Inner Dialogue meditations are amazing and will blow you away with their ability to provide clarity and insight into your deepest self. This course has been instrumental in my healing, being able to love myself, understand others around me, and follow the path of true joy. I feel like I am better equipped in life to act upon the true voices in my heart (my higher-self) that are telling me to step up and leave my ego behind. This has been especially helpful within the last few weeks. To be open to listening and learning from the BIPOC (black, indigenous, and people of color) community. To take accountability for my part in this and to actually take steps to action; find ways to stand up within my community. Without your course I’m pretty sure my ego would have been on high defence mode (like I am witnessing from a lot of people right now). Thank you for being a beautiful presence in my life. Thank you for teaching and encouraging me and so many others. Thank you for being you on the most authentic level. I have so much love for you and am so glad that we met. I truly can not give this course enough love! Amazing to the core!

Shayla Marko-Oxley

Medium and Spiritual Coach, USA

I did an Innerchild Healing Session with Fana and this session helped me dive deep into the subconscious beliefs I still carry around my stories as a child.  Our session was a huge impact to bring awareness to, process these beliefs and reprogram them them into new positive and empowering perspectives. Fana is a deeply tuned in and a compassionate guide to embark on these important journeys together.  She holds the safe space so powerfully and is fully in tune with the energy that needs to be processed.  She helps to create strong personal confidence and the desire to face any fears with a trusted and capable copilot like Fana in the session.  She’s taken me deeper than I have ever gone before in all the work I have done before.

Ezra Mitchell

Emotional Health, communication & relationships coach, Malaysia

After observing an afternoon empowerment session that Fana led with a group of 100 young female footballers in Senegal, I could quickly see that she does incredible work. Fana’s passion, enthusiasm and creativity are contagious and she commands the attention of a room with both ease and grace. I was amazed at how effortlessly her positivity and inspiration seemed to seep into the minds and hearts of her audience. N’dèye Fana is genuinely doing a job that gives both her and those around her a great sense of bliss and motivation.

Amanda Fortier

Communications Manager, Journalist , Senegal

Beautiful Heart yields Beautiful Mind. Fana is one of the best healers and life coach I have ever come across. If you are genuine about working on yourself for your higher good, she is the healer for you. She helped me through my divorce and I was caught in surprise when she went beyond the scope of a healer to offer me valuable advice on my career and helped me get a new position after years of inactivity. I do not want to say healing yourself is all rosy, because during the process of healing, you will have to first dig out all the shit and sometimes you don’t even know they are there…But isn’t it great instead of sweeping it under the carpet? How long more do we want to hide? Are you willing to do the inner work? Are you committed enough to honor yourself and start the journey to healing? Healing to the core…Yes, it is to the core. NOW is the Time… I am ready and loving myself so much more than before.
Magenta S.


Before this course, I was depriving myself of pleasure, fun, and adequate rest and self-care. I would go through cycles and patterns in and out throughout the years where I would do well and then sabotage and place myself in situations where I neglected myself and ignored my needs. I wasn’t aware on a deeper level the archetypes playing out in me really. This course helped me clearly see my patterns more and the stories that were having me repeat my past. This course helped me do the deeper soul work to merge and become one with my BEing as well as commit to my highest good. Committing to this course symbolized committing for my highest good. It also meant that I was ready to fire my inner critic because that was what I set my intention for in this course. This course helped me free myself more to be myself. Now I feel grateful that I am moving forward more, slowing down to just being here and I look forward to loving myself in more ways than I could have ever imagined. The investment in this course is worth it. I highly encourage you to invest in you.
Artemis Rose


N’dèye Fana is such a gift to this earth and her gift is helping others find and live their truest and most empowered selves. She serves with utmost heart, integrity, and love, so you always feel like her interests are aligned with yours. It’s a blessing to work with her, you’ll be touched and re-connect with inner strength, courage, or resource you never knew you had, and she does this very effortlessly and gracefully. Her guidance comes from a bright, loving space that leaves you energized and renewed. Lastly, she’s equally grounded as she is connected, a rare blend.
Shian CHuan

Leadership and Career Coach, Master NLP Practitioner , Author, USA