I am the Inner Child Doula. I help people find their truth and being whole by reintegrating the light and power of their inner child through Inner Child Rebirthing Sessions.

In each of us, there is a young, often wounded child, crying for attention but we ignore our inner child and yell at that little voice inside of us because we don’t want to feel guilty for what we did or think we did and we don’t want to feel shame for who we are.

For some of us, Inner Child has been locked up for decades …But just because we may have ignored the child doesn’t mean she or he isn’t there.

This is an illusion and can only last for a while…

“When an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside, as fate.” Carl Jung.

You might not be able to attract a relationship because you have the belief (created in your childhood) that nobody loves you or that you are not loveable

You might not be able to attract abundance because your parents used to tell you that rich people are evil and that you believe it now at some level and thus are not comfortable with having money

You might believe that nothing good ever lasts or that you just can’t win because of childhood trauma and then failure has become your closest companion

You might actually believe something else and that something else shapes your entire reality. Dig in, keep searching and listening…

Do you know why the work I do with Inner Child is called Inner Child Rebirthing and not Inner Child Healing? Because we are the ones who need healing. Because your inner child is also that creative kid, full of possibilities and who dared to dream…They can help us with that because they know better than anyone what its that we need to heal. They are all-knowing, wise, perfect and when you tap into their immense light, wisdom, and power, the possibilities of healing, growth, and expansion become infinite for the adult we are, if we are ready to accept it. They are the change we have been waiting for and they are all about the NOW. I have the gift of being able to channel anyone’s inner child and also to talk to children’s soul. I would love to share this gift to many as I believe as coined by John Bradshaw that this neglected wounded inner child of the past is the major source of human misery.