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Why do I write?

I write and  I co-create using the power of the words.

I cast spells of love, empowerment, and creation with my words …

I create reality one letter after another

I am a lover of language and words have power…

The world is made of words.

Words have energy.

Words create reality. Spells are made of words…

Words have magic …

Words of creation, words of Elohim.

I write because I have to… It’s like breathing

I use my words and I speak to women and men

I help them come closer to their truth.

I talk to children and empower them

I see their radiance and their mastery

for they hold the mystery and the power of awe
I give permission to people to love themselves through my words…

Stories hold our cure…

I heal with words, written, sung, told, whispered, cried…

I heal with words…

Throughout human history, the human experience has always been shared through storytelling.

It is an ancient tradition in all cultures.

People sit and listen to stories.

Stories enable us to see beyond our personal perspective.

Stories and characters free us

They allow us to look critically at the situations we found ourselves in

They give us permission to challenge ourselves to do or try better.
Stories talk about the past and also about new beginnings

Telling a story often means changing history

Words and life call for new beginnings.

After all, life on earth is nothing but a never-ending story of stories told and sung

Who made history? The stories maybe?

Or history created all the stories

I don’t have the answer but I know that

in the beginning, there was the word.


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