Imagine that we knew at birth that we were a master, that we were powerful beyond measure, that we possessed enormous gifts, and that all it would take to deliver our gifts to the world was our desire, our free will. At that point in our life, we knew that there was no one else in the world like us, that we were possible. We knew who we were at the deepest level and we rejoiced in our gifts and knew we were unstoppable. Kids are like that. They fully embrace their desires and don’t take no as an answer. They don’t know about scarcity or lack or the impossible and we were like that until something happened. Our world changed. Something or someone cast a shadow on our light. Something or someone taught us, often harshly about lack, about fear, about abuse, about abandonment, resentment, guilt, anger about mistrust, about distorted or conditional love, about expectations, about what is acceptable or not. From that moment on we feared that we were no longer safe in the world.

Deep inside, we knew that this precious, innocent child was ours to protect. So we decided to hide that inner child deep inside so that no one would ever hurt it ever again and we assigned Ego or Shadow to protect it. Ego or shadow did exactly what it was told to and with the creativity of a child, covered up the inner child and locked him or her away.

But after days, months, and years of hiding our inner child, we began to believe our story of unworthiness and fear. We became the persona projected on us and that we embraced in order to protect our inner child. We became the act, the persona, the drama, the story, the mess we needed to be so that nobody would ever suspect that we were the keeper of so much light. We forgot that we had ever buried and locked away your inner child in the first place. We were even creative enough to manifest the exact opposite of that which we truly are.

When an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside, as fate.” Carl Jung.

Our light, love, greatness, and beauty got lost inside our story. We forgot who we truly are and believed that all that pain, sadness, hurting defined us; that it was us but it is a lie, the biggest lie ever. A lie that keeps us lost, alone, separate, and scared. A lie kept and protected fiercely by Ego or our shadow, even if it must to do that, become an inner bully. By the time we are five years old, we are already too familiar with the voice of Ego/ Shadow or inner bully in our head telling us that we are not good enough, that we are not wanted, or that we don’t belong. We are desperate to feel loved and accepted, and we start thinking that only external people and things can validate our worth. We become people pleaser, perfectionists, we do our best to conceal our flaws. We begin a neverending quest outside of us for something that would fill the void and make us feel better. We look to relationships, to other people, to our achievements and awards, trying to find that which was missing. We look to your body and our bank account, trying to get that feeling back. Maybe, like many of us, you are also driven by feelings of unworthiness that ran so deep that you spent most of your life searching for something to complete you, thinking that someone else could make you happy. Sometimes that someone else turned to be Netflix, alcohol, sex, work, food, sugar, danger. That why we binge eat. That dose of sugar or adrenaline really seemed to do the trick…for while till we feel empty again. Escapism only works for a while. So as the years passed, we became more skilled at finding ways to hide our pain from ourselves and the others. Even though inside, we ached for the return of your true self, asking ourselves:

Why doesn’t anyone love me? Why did they leave me? Why am I not good enough for them to stay or to love me? What’s wrong with me? Please, won’t someone come and help me?”

In each of us, there is a young, often wounded child, crying for attention but we ignore our inner child and yell at that little voice inside of us because we don’t want to feel guilty for what we did or think we did and we don’t want to feel ashamed for who we are.

These shadow emotions remain hidden, held apart from the self-image, and tend to manifest themselves unexpectedly, leaving behind feelings of shame and unresolved struggle. But as the light cannot exist without the contrasting darkness, shadow emotions are part of the miracle of existence and self-awareness. The shadow is not a problem to be solved or an enemy to be conquered or to tame but a fertile soil to be cultivated that can bring you miraculous gifts.

Each person is dual-natured and we must learn to lovingly accept all that we are and rediscover these familiar strangers called Ego and Inner Child.

Our shadow emotions open new doors to all hidden and forgotten parts of ourselves. To me, Planet Earth is only filled with little humans, the actual children and the little children hiding inside all the adults on the planet and I do believe as coined by Jon Bradshaw that this neglected wounded inner child of the past is the major source of human misery.

How does it work?

I am an Inner Child Doula, which means I will be there holding space for you, holding your hand, guiding you because I was you before; because I know what it takes and also because I know the joy you will feel afterward. I KNOW THE JOY you will feel to reunite with your Inner Child. How it feels to radically accept yourself and face your shadow.

These sessions are not about revisiting the past or what happened, it is only about reintegrating those parts of you that you let go off because of trauma or cultural, social and religious conditioning. You will understand your triggers and what having healthy boundaries truly means. You will understand that you are important and that your inner child is equally important. You will feel like a new person. There will be just a road of infinite possibilities opened up for you.

The sessions are more about welcoming back home this wounded inner child and giving him/her what she needs to heal. The sessions are very much backed up by neuroscience and psychology and about working on the subconscious aspects of your personality. The work always starts with the physical body in order to find the root cause of emotional distress or pain. The client is taken into a semi-meditative space where it becomes easier to unlock subconscious memories and healing.

So if you are ready to free your inner child and reunite with him/her and really wish to live from love and not from fear, start the journey today.

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  • *The sessions are held remotely on Zoom

What people say

“You change lives. You’re beautiful. You touch people’s souls in the secret places that no one else can reach. My life changed after meeting you. I turned my heart towards forgiveness and acceptance. I was never able to reach peace until I met you. You really changed my life. It felt like so much weight had lifted. I will never forget that moment. You make a difference and that matters. Fana, you have helped me to live from love and not from fear”  

Leah Rowbotham, Clinician and Therapist⎮ New Zealand  

“I had a rebirthing session this morning with Fana. It was a beautiful feeling I feel full again and no doubt at my next session I’ll be fully topped up with my beautiful inner children who I love and N’deye made me realize that as we love our own children unconditionally we must never forget that first we must love ourselves unconditionally. The effects already are I am being more efficient with my time today NOT scrolling through social media wishing I was someone else. Also, my duty to my inner children and to myself is to enjoy having self-esteem and knowing I have the right to be me. A Me who is fit and happy and exuberant and tidy and organized and hopefully my weight will start to shift too Cause guess what I have a right to have the body I desire so I can achieve my dreams of being a health coach and personal trainer and life transformation coach and I will be making my first referral to N’deye because it all starts from the inside and only then can we expand our own gifts to the world. We are after all Gifts. Till next week Fana” 


“Just had a session with Fana, wow, I feel amazing (clear in the head and light with lots of new energy & HAPPY)! Before the session, I was feeling a little down but now I feel so good. I love the fact that you didn’t have to re-live any past trauma in this session in order to heal and that the focus is on the positive, to heal as opposed to dwelling in the past. I was a little hesitant at 1st to allow the healing in but it was a very pleasant experience, I just wanted to live in the light forever. N’deye knew stuff about me without me having to tell her anything (things that you can not deduce from what I told her). If you are considering healing your inner children, I would say go for it, you will be so happy that you did. Thank you ” 

Johanna ⎮USA

“Fan, is such a gift I highly recommend her! The work she is doing is amazing, and much needed! I appreciate her loving energy, and the powerful shifts she helped facilitate. Our first session was so transformative, and I literally felt energy shifts in my body during, and after. Inner child healing is so powerful, and N’deye’s approach is so unique. I’m really looking forward to our next session! 

Stephanie Bellinger ⎮USA