This 20 mn-guided meditation called the Car Lite Meditation is part of the modality known as Inner Dialogue Therapy™️. It is a powerful Mindfulness Tool offering you a ride—not in a real car but in the “car of your life.”

Of course, the parallel is very easy to make. The car stands for our physical body, and you are going to meet inside the car a few familiar strangers aka your inner voices.

The Car serves as a projection screen—a neutral way for you to open the deeper strata of your unconscious mind and to meet your inner voices including Inner Child and Ego mind.

The Inner Dialogue Therapy™️ is a powerful transformative inner journey into rewiring your brain. It Includes powerful journaling work after the meditation. The journaling is a key part of the therapy. This inner journey will allow you to retrieve the truth. You are likely to be surprised by the memories or insights that come up. Remember that each vision is a powerful metaphor holding a message of truth for you.

“This course did for me in 14 days what years of therapy couldn’t do. Fana will give you all the tools to quickly put a name, face, and identity to the parts of yourself that need to be understood, embraced and healed. It was empowering to easily get this insight into why we hang on to our ego or feel unable to be without it. You get off the hamster wheel and start living your BEST life. I would recommend this for everyone to do.“- Lauren

“The Inner Dialogue Therapy™️ is a genius healing modality that takes you through the process of meeting your inner voices and finding out who is driving the car of your life! The knowledge you gain by digging deep and asking questions to your inner selves is a catalyst for change.” Emily

It’s a very powerful tool! I learned that I can feel complete love and compassion for myself.”Larissa

Instructions and links

Find a quiet space where you will sit comfortably with your spine straight. If you feel guided to lie down, please do. Make sure you are in a quiet place where nothing can distract you, and where you are not driving a car or any other vehicle. You can take a notepad and a pen if you wish. Use headphones and drink water before and after the meditation. (Duration : 19:59)

After the guided meditation, please fill-up the self-reflection journal.

SELF-REFLECTION JOURNAL (20 mn on average)

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