1. True Soul Portrait™️

There is absolutely no one like you and it has taken eons for you to be in your body, in this time and space, exactly as you are now. You are a divine, magical, loving being and everything you need is RIGHT INSIDE of you. The Inside Out Soul Portrait is depicting the beautiful energies that we are made of, from the Inside Out.

Mother Fana* is able to tune into your soul and creates healing art, paintings depicting one’s person’s soul journey. Behind each True Soul Portrait™️, there is thought and flow and that is what makes those unique pieces harmonious and complete. Her work is inspired by Watercolor droplet art but using liquid acrylic painting and not watercolor.  She mixes big droplets of paint and spraying combined with traditional paint and the use Mother Fana’s colorfulness and vibrant art is characterized by an uneven mix of colors and textures, creating depth and a wide range of the color scale, built in the piece seemingly randomly, untamed and uncontrolled but there is thought and precision to each touch, in reference to light and shadow, and the soul’s journey.

These True Soul Portrait™️ contain our joys, pains etc. the bubbles in front of the figure is representative of the life journey, the gifts we bring to this world. They also represent that which you transmute through the breath, all the pain, the trauma, that once transmuted, bring blessings, lessons, mastery. The small and big events that have/will manifest that are significant to the soul experience in this lifetime. The figure is bowed in gratitude and grace these events, the perpetual expression of humility and embracing of life. There is beauty and there is grace and it heals. The different colors in the body are the “weak areas or trauma areas” that show where illnesses or pain will manifest to remind us what we need to work on. It also highlights where we have strengths within our body. The overall color of the figure is the “aura” color. The main color we vibrate at. But It is also just a snapshot of who we are at the time of the painting!


You can order your own custom-made True Soul Portrait created especially for you. It is an incredible gift for a family too if you wish to align on a wall the True Soul Portraits of the entire family.

If you wish to experience more and activate your True Soul Portrait and it is one of a kind awakening experience. Your True Soul Painting becomes a powerful tool for us to explore, release, integrate and accelerate your own deep soul activation. You will have one month of support to open up and expand your cosmic gifts. You will learn to tune in and connect with your higher guidance. You will reach the next level of understanding, expression, and realization of your soul Purpose with this incredible ascension tool. The True Soul Painting will activate dormant codes in you and take you to the next level of your journey. You will get custom-made meditations and 2 activation sessions with Mother Fana.

SEND ME AN EMAIL TO  ORDER A TRUE SOUL PORTRAIT (motherfana@fanagueye.com)

Payment installments are available.


“Wow! This is incredibly unique and astonishing. You have such a powerful gift to share to the world. And your knowledge of emotions manifesting within the body shows your wisdom throughout the centuries. Shine bright with this! I can feel it in your words: excitement and passion. You will paint many of these and also aid many in releasing their pains. Thank you for shining your light! Much love “- David

“This is simply stunning you are so gifted! “- Rebecca

“Wow, amazingly beautiful & healing! I can so relate to the healing power and the coloring is so incredibly beautiful! You’re inspiring me to pick up creating art again as a healing tool. Keep on creating, I see your book with your hundred creations coming;)”- Loes

“This speaks to my soul . . . And, I’m sure it will to many others as well.” – Deborah

“Amazing Fana, you are incredibly gifted. They are so beautiful, I’ve never seen such pictures. The meanings that you have received and beautifully written are profound! Thank you for sharing” – Marci

“One of the most beautiful and complex that I’ve seen. ” – Utah

“I’m moved to tears.” – Elizabeth

2. Yoniverse Portrait™️

The Cosmic Womb

As women our place of power is in our wombs. Yes, we have beautiful brains and amazing hearts, but the center from which we create is our wombs. The opening between our legs is a gateway to life both physically and spiritually. Every human being on this earth emerged from a womb and needed a vagina as their pathway to existence.

“The womb is not a place to store fear, shame, anger, guilt and pain, it is a place of creation. From the vastness of my sacred womb, all is created and today I am healed and forgiven »

These paintings celebrate our Yoni, our Pussy, our Vagina in all her glory. They are made of spraying combined with traditional paint and the use of glitter and crystals.

« I am the Prima Creatrix
I am the cosmic Mother,
I am the healer and the healee
I am the one who gives and receives
the sacred breath of fire and the flow 
I am the holy container, 
I am the black Madonna 
I am the void and the mystery
I am the well of souls
I am nothing and everything 
Within the darkness of my womb , all is created
Within the darkness of my tides, all is released
Within the darkness of my inner thighs
the hallelujah is created
I am wild, I am red , I am a river
I flow untamable 
I am Mother Phoenix and I burn far and wide
I cast spells of love power and grit
I dance and it is a wicked dance of desire, celebration and renaissance 
I am this je ne sais quoi…a revolution , a whirlpool of emotions 
I am the creatrix and the kundalini 
I am the one and the last 
I speak to the darkness and flesh out light
Fear no more, be held in my grace 
Rise from the ashes being afraid anymore
Rise rise rise. For I am Tepi, I am the holy grail, I am a woman, a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a priestess, a queen, a shaman, a crazy lady, a sorceress, a sinner, a whisperer, a bitch, a whore, a Magdalene, a writer, an artist, an Amazone, a seer, a lover, a healer, a crow, the dark one, an angel and life itself..
I have been all and none and I go by 10000 names…
Children of mine, Rise and become one with the stars 🌟 Come back home to the cosmic heart »


“Aujourd’hui je laisse derrière moi tout ce qui ne me sert plus
Aujourd’hui je laisse tout cela glisser et disparaître dans les eaux cosmiques 
Aujourd’hui je laisse la marée monter et mourir
Aujourd’hui je guéris Ma matrice 
Aujourd’hui je fais le choix de croire et de ne plus vouloir contrôler 
Aujourd’hui je renais
Aujourd’hui j’émerge de l’immensité du cœur de notre mère cosmique”

SEND ME AN EMAIL TO  ORDER A TRUE SOUL PORTRAIT (motherfana@fanagueye.com)

Payment installments are available.