My Art

Where is love?

Creativity is big at this stage in my life and Universe is making me do new things to express love through art. This is my last creation …

It is called “What is Love?”. Can you see this BEING discovering love for the first time? … Or maybe it is someone falling in love and then having his heart shattered.  You might see it as someone discovering love and being overwhelmed by the power of it … Power which transform your inner fabric. Love equals Achemy.

It is also about transformation, about joy and about the pain that follows love. Wounds coming up. Shadows or sparkles of light needing to be reintegrated in your being. It talks about being always open to New experiences, about surrendering … About being consumed and fired by love and about turning into a golden human being… It talks about being, about doing nothing…Nothing to get loved or to feel the love.

It talks about presence. Love is here infinite and unconditional and contaminates YOU, just because it iscoded in its fabric.

Big juicy love to you 

Fana Gueye 

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