How I Can Help You

“If you’re feeling stuck, unfulfilled, or unsure of your purpose in life”, I can help. You can explore your values, passions, and strengths and discover what truly matters to you. Through a series of one-on-one coaching sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to set and work towards achievable goals related to your issue. You’ll also have access to a range of proprietary tools and strategies, such as Inner Dialogue or Sigma Model, mindfulness practices and goal-setting techniques, to help you overcome any obstacles or challenges that may be holding you back. I also offer online courses, workshops and  train coaches, facilitators to master Inner Dialogue.


One-on-one coaching for individuals focuses on the unique needs and goals of the individual. The coach works closely with the client to understand their current challenges, identify areas for improvement, and develop a customized action plan to achieve their desired results.

I believe that everyone has a superpower, a singularity. Truth is you can not pour from an empty cup and you cannot find a purpose and be of service if you haven’t discovered your “singularity”. That is the core of my work, helping you understand who you truly are, and helping you to take back your power through venturing into your own shadow and coming back no longer being afraid.

I coach and mentor coaches, healers, boss ladies and men who want to be the change they want in the world. My purpose is to empower people to be the best version of themselves and thrive.  I work with people from all paths. You just have to be committed to levelling up. But let’s get this straight, I am not here to fix you. I am no guru. To me, healers, coaches, mentors, teachers trigger something within you and that something is YOUR OWN ability to heal.

We will work on You. You are the one you have been waiting for …and I would be so humbled and honored to be your guide in this journey and to help you unlock your Unique Soul Potential and to empower you enough to start living from love and not from fear. You will awaken to the truth of who you are.


– to break free and live from love, not from fear
– to align with their inner truth
– to face their shadow to acquire greater wisdom
– to fulfil their life purpose
– to do what it takes to make their dreams come true

::: AND WHO ARE :::

-Ready to Change
-Committed to doing the work
-Willing to listen to feedback and act on it
-Ready to invest money, time, and energy on themrselves

I go all in with my clients, and this means working with fewer people who are willing to commit energy, time and money to themselves. This type of coaching is typically conducted through a series of one-hour sessions, either in person or via video conferencing. Payment plans are available and packages are tailor-made to your needs.


Not skills, time, or willpower, but their mindset and unconscious limiting beliefs and biases prevent people from acting. Our thoughts form our mindset, and our neurobiology is based on habits and automation. You may be surprised to learn that what you actually believe differs from what you think. These hidden programs trigger self-sabotage because they are meant to keep you in the safe comfort zone where no real growth can happen but self-sabotage and procrastination. So, if you want to learn how to navigate your way out of programs and conditioning, and are committed to taking action to fulfill their purpose and get out of their own way, please check my acclaimed signature online course “Healing Your Self -talk”

– 21 days to get out of your own WAY, shed doubt & inadequacy, and strengthen confidence & self-worth to create the life you deserve.

With this course and Inner Dialogue®, get rewired, and replace known and unknown trauma imprints, hardwired habits, and beliefs like shame, scarcity, anxiety, overwhelm, and limiting beliefs with empowering ones. 


The W.A.Y means the journey but also stands for Who Are You? because the answers are always within. Life is unpredictable, so when you answer that fundamental question, you figure out very quickly where you stand, you understand your core why, where you want to go, and how to get there. Answering these questions is the key to finding healing, happiness, and purpose.

The WAY Coaching School, we teach causal enquiring. This means that we focus on finding the cause of our clients’ issues, rather than simply treating the symptoms. 

We teach our clients to reduce and eliminate pain by finding the root cause thanks to powerful proprietary life-changing tools and models like the SIGMA Growth Model.

It is a pioneering evidence-based and causal modality that has the potential to offer fast, effective results by offering a very detailed process of self-inquiry

It is truly the synthesis of what my clients have taught me through the years and of my own self-journey of experimentation through countless healing and coaching modalities.

The W.A.Y. is a journey back home to your TRUTH. It is a model applicable to your career and to your personal life.

First Certification Cohort starts in October 2023


Kind Words of Praise

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